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Church closed in Indonesia

church-closed-indonesiaChurch closed and pastor arrested in Indonesia

At least 30 churches have been closed or burned in Indonesia this year alone.

The pastor of an Indonesian church established almost a quarter of a century ago has been arrested for allegedly forcing people to attend church. He faces up to three months in prison for the charges against him. His church has also been closed. Officials allege that the Indonesia Pentecostal Church (GPdI) in Sumedang was using an illegal building permit. Officials had previously asked the church to cease conducting Christian worship and had also requested that the church move its services into a building belonging to the Institute of Public Administration (IPND). An Indonesian Christian organization said the IPND cannot accommodate the congregations of any more closed churches, since about 14 churches have already been relocated to the building. At least 30 churches have been closed or burned in Indonesia this year alone, according to Jakarta Christian Communication Forum.

Please pray that Christian brothers and sisters in Indonesia would continue to find the means to worship despite church building closures and the arrest of church leaders. Please pray that God would multiply the faith and love of His followers in Indonesia in the face of persecution. Please pray that this church would be reopened and its pastor freed.

To learn more about the persecuted Church in Indonesia, please visit the Indonesia Country Report.

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