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Uzbek Christian threatened by police

uzbek-christian-threatenedA Christian man is facing threats and harassment from police in Tashkent, Uzbekistan for challenging a fine he received for his religious activity. In April, Anvar Rajapov was fined 80 times the minimum monthly wage after police raided his home and confiscated literature. In an attempt to stop Anvar from appealing against the police actions and court decisions, local police summoned him to the police station in late May. An officer then threatened Anvar with violence if he challenged the hefty fine. "I have prepared an axe for you, which will be flying after you, observing you, and if need be get you," the officer reportedly said. Anvar has since made written complaints about his treatment to President Islam Karimov, the Supreme Court, and other state agencies. Court officials have warned him that if he did not pay the fine by June 15 he would be fined again. At last report, Anvar had been summoned in writing to the bailiff's office. Pray for endurance of faith for Anvar amid opposition.

Pray that he will be a confident witness for the Lord (Matthew 10:19-20). Pray those in authority will recognize the lack of religious freedom in Uzbekistan and make changes accordingly.

To read more about trials facing Uzbek Christians, go to the Uzbekistan Country Report.







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