Planned code to forbid evangelism in Nepal

planned-code-to-forbid-evangelism-in-nepalFive years after it abolished Hinduism as the state religion, Nepal is working on a new criminal code forbidding a person of one faith to "convert a person or abet him to change his religion." Article 160 of the proposed code also says no one will be allowed to do anything or behave in any way that could cause a person from a caste, community or creed to lose faith in his/her traditional religion or convert to a different religion. Offenders could be imprisoned for a maximum of five years and fined up to $685 CAD. Last weekend, the Nepalese government failed to complete a new constitution providing for religious freedom due to a protracted battle for political power.

Pray for all those in authority in Nepal. Ask God to bring about genuine religious freedom in this nation. Pray for the church in this nation. May it remain faithful and grow in strength and in number.

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 (Source: Compass Direct)