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Wake up Church

a-listen-church"Wake up Church”, is a call to everyone who wants to pray with us for a revival and awakening. The ones to want to intercede for our persecuted brothers and sisters and for those who persecute them as well.

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Unmuzzle Stephen Boissoin Elisabete Teixeira 14018
Yousef Nardarkhani's death sentence Elisabete Teixeira 3863
Muslim mob besieges Egyptian church Compass Direct 3541
Persecution in Somalia Elisabete Teixeira 3456
Church leaders executed in North Korea Elisabete Teixeira 3336
Hundreds Slaughtered in Nigeria Dan Wooding 3303
Christians tortured in South Sudan Compass Direct 3163
Imported Bibles seized by Iran MGT 3143
Dozens of Eritrean Christians imprisoned Elisabete Teixeira 3115
Somali Christians persevere amid severe persecution Compass Direct 3102


Este é o homem a quem olharei...


"Treme da minha palavra...", Isaías 66:1-2

Como isto te parece? O Altíssimo, busca atentamente algo nos homens, algo cujo valor transcende as iguarias dos príncipes desta terra.